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102-year-old Man Playing Cards Every Day
- Jan 02, 2019 -

A happy birthday song and a birthday song are heard in the Social Welfare Institute of Hanyang District. It turned out that this is the big birthday party for the three centenarians of Gao Boheng, Wu Yuhua and Zheng Guozhen and more than 40 birthdays in October. The oldest birthday star is 102-year-old Gao Boheng, who is blowing a candle,Laugh at the camera.

The camera has a special meaning for the old and the old. In the photography career of the old man, the camera recorded the changes and development of Wuhan.

Talking about photography, Gao Lao is proud of his face. On October 10, 1915, Gao Boheng was born in a photography family in Nanjing. His uncle is a very talented photographer. His family has their own photo studios in Nanjing, Kunming, Liuzhou and even Hong Kong. At the age of 16, Gao Boheng followed his uncle to study photography. In 1947, Gao Boheng founded the Cathay Photo Studio in Wuhan. The name Guotai is the meaning of “Guotai Min’an”.

In the memory of the old Wuhan people, the old-fashioned photo studio is famous. There are Pinfang in Jianghan District and Xianzheng Building in Wuchang District. Jiangnan District has four major photo studios, namely, Iron Bird, Shiji, Qixin and Cathay. Hegemony, known as the “four major families” of the photography industry in Jiang'an District. Among them, Cathay is famous for its photorealization and watercolor landscape coloring.

Gao Boheng is the eldest son of the family. The tuition fees of his younger siblings at college are all from him. His biological mother died of dystocia. He was very filial to his stepmother and had been supporting her until her death in her 90s.

"Dad always said that we are filial. In fact, we just learn to do it. I hope our children can see it. This is a kind of filial piety." Gao Boheng never asked his children about the verbal requirements, nor told them. "What should I do?" But his words and deeds let the children look in their eyes and learn in their hearts. "The most influential thing about him is that he never complains about things." Gao Lao’s son said that his character is more like a mother, a little impatient, and his father’s character is very peaceful, and even a little uncontested.

Speaking of "the secret of longevity," Gao Laoxiao said happily, "I have nothing to sum up, just eight words: ‘contentment is always happy, can endure peace.’”

Yesterday was the third time the reporter saw Gao Lao. A few days ago, when he first saw him, he was playing poker with all his heart and soul. The children introduced that his father had been consciously brainstorming since he was in his 70s. "He said that he was afraid of brains and rusted." The game of playing cards has been in the game for more than 30 years. Gao Lao’s granddaughter sent back an intermediate Sudoku question when she was studying in Vienna. "I didn't expect that Dad actually made it all." Mr. Gao said that in addition to these, Gao Lao also likes to play jigsaw puzzles.

"Grandfather always bends in the corridor every day. Sometimes we want to help him." Jiang Chundai, the nursing director of the Welfare Institute, said that everyone who can do it himself, Gao Grandpa never asks for help, every day. Eat fruits, nuts and health supplements, and life is very regular.

Gao Boheng old man bends every day in the corridor

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