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World of War Poker playing and skills
- Dec 14, 2018 -

World of War Poker playing and skills

Chapter 1 About Poker

The origin of playing cards

The meaning of 54 playing cards

54 cards of the story

The most preface to playing cards

Poker is one of the most popular games in the world. It has a long history and a long history. Its origins can be traced back to the Qin and Han Dynasties.

Legend has it that in the period of the Qin and Han dynasties in the late Qin Dynasty, the generals Han Xin researched and invented a card game in order to alleviate the soldier’s homesickness. Because the board has only the size of the leaves, it is called the "leaf play", and its card is also called "leaf." "The card" is said to be the prototype of the playing card.

In the twelfth century, the famous foreign tourist Marco Polo brought this card game to Europe, which immediately aroused the interest of Westerners. At first, it was only a luxury item of the court nobles, but because of its low cost, flexible and changeable gameplay, it was easy to master, so it was quickly popularized in the civil society.

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"Playing Cards and Techniques (Collector's Edition)" lists the techniques and methods of various poker games, and gives a detailed introduction to them. I believe that it will bring unlimited fun to the readers' spare time. Poker is one of the most popular games in the world. It has a long history and a long history. Its origins can be traced back to the Qin and Han Dynasties. There are many ways to play poker games, and there are endless streams of play, both single-player and two-person wit and fun, as well as playing cards and magic.

Wonderful hand shuffling techniques, practical control card tricks, tricks tricks, single popular games, double pop, multiplayer games, poker magic highlights.

Chapter II Skills Handwashing Technique

First, the staggered shuffling method

Second, the hand shuffling method

Third, the Indian style of shuffling

Fourth, Riflu shuffling

Five, flat pull shuffling method

Sixth, top-down shuffling

Seven, sequential shuffling

Eight, one-handed fancy "cough" card method

Nine, two-hand display skills

Ten, a fair dovetail shuffling method

The book "Playing Cards and Techniques" is a comprehensive, interesting and practical one. It lists the skills and methods of various poker games and introduces them in detail. I believe it will be a part-time life for readers and friends. Bringing fun. Poker is one of the most popular games in the world. Because of its low cost, numerous gameplays, flexibility, and easy to grasp, it is deeply loved by the masses.

Chapter III Practical Control Cards

First, use the Indian shuffling method to control the skills of the card

Second, the hand control method of the card shuffling method

Third, the application of the sliding technology control

Fourth, the control skills of the straight

Five, cross-branding control skills

Chapter IV tricks

First, the skill of shooting cards

Second, single-finger flops

Third, the skill of opening a fan

Fourth, the skill of the fan

Five, one hand open fan skills

Six, white fan opening and closing skills

Seven, the skills of the rose knot

Eight, the air pigeon tail shuffling skills

Nine, big fan opening and closing skills

Ten, the skills of the card waterfall

Eleven, the skills of playing cards

Twelve, poker flip stunts

Thirteen, poker spinning stunts

Chapter V Practical Stunts and Cheating

First, the card is a trick

Second, all kinds of stealing, changing cards

Third, forced cards to win the trick

Fourth, the card fraud revealed

Five, fall welding does not stay

Chapter 6 Single-player popular games

Game 1 million tall buildings

Game 2 Golf

Game 3 Stupid

Game 4 clock

Game 5 Besieged City

Game 6 Maria

Game 7 Mini Garden

Game 8 Arab King

Game 9 Scorpion moving

Game 10 Liusha River

Game 11 Four Girlfriends

Game 12 pendulum

Game 13 Gap Battle

Game 14 Marry

Game 15 Yugong Yishan

Game 16

Game 17 Four Dragons

Game 18 two-headed Solitaire

Game 19 Colorado

Game 20 Queen's Wedding

Game 21 Two Winged Dragon

Game 22 parallel subway

Game 23 Labyrinth

Game 24 巫 witch

Game 25 red and black

Game 26 Congress

Game 27 Pisa Square

Game 28 funny clock

Game 29 Revolver

Game 30 Four Invaders

Game 31 Triumph

Game 32 Miss Laura

Game 33 Spider

Game 34 Constitution

Game 35 shin bone

Game 36 Duchess

Game 37 Diplomat

Game 38 Queen Elizabeth

Game 39 General's Pet

As for why poker cards use these four patterns as colors, they have always been different. There are two kinds of expressions: one is that these four colors represent the four main industries of the society at that time, in which spades represent spears and symbolize soldiers; plums represent three-leaf flowers, symbolizing agriculture; squares represent bricks used by artisans. Tile; the peach represents the red heart and symbolizes the pastor. The second is that these four colors are derived from the patterns of artifacts used in ancient European divination. The spades represent olive leaves, symbolizing peace; plums are clover, which means lucky; squares are diamond-shaped, symbolizing wealth; and red peaches are red-hearted, Symbolizes wisdom and love.

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