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Why is there a color difference in playing card printing?
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Problems appearing,to solve problems is the only way for enterprises to upgrade their technology, and it is also a manifestation of the strength of enterprise production technology. Similarly for the manufacturers of packaging and printing, the emergence of the problem of color difference in playing cards is not uncommon. There are basically the following situations in the problem of color difference in playing cards. The following is introduced by the playing cards manufacturers:

 1. The color difference between each cards in one deck, the first priority is the situation in which the pre-printed ink of the printing press does not go even when it is even. The first way to prevent this is to treat the cards that was just printed as a scrap and not put it in the good product.

 2, the color difference of each printing, this time printing and the next printing, will show different degrees of color difference. Although printers are trying to catch up, it's hard to do the same twice.

 3,  the color difference of playing cards back side. This is also a color difference problem that is difficult to handle in  printing. No matter what equipment can't handle it. The primary reason is that playing cards are relatively small. The whole version is printed without seeing the color difference, but after cutting into small pieces, the color difference can be seen when the difference is far apart. Just as we usually take out two USD 100, there is also a color difference. This problem is still not handled under the existing technology. But there are always methods, we can use people's visual faults to prevent the color difference seen in practice. Our designers will add white edges around the back side . Perhaps the color of the playing cards is rather fancy, so that our eyes don't seem to find the color difference.

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