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The history of print news
- Nov 24, 2018 -

Printing is one of the four major inventions in ancient China, and printing news first appeared in China. In the Song Dynasty, there was already a part of the "small newspaper" printed on the slate, which was the beginning of printing news. In the late Ming Dynasty, the private sector was allowed to set up their own newspapers, and the scope of printed news dissemination was broader. In the "History of Chinese Newspapers", Ge Gongzhen pointed out: "When newspapers are written by hand, it is time-consuming to know. Once the use of the traps is made, the number of them can be increased at will, and then the reporters will be inevitable." The use of movable type in the development of newspapers is extremely relevant. The earliest printed news in the West was the Venice News (also known as the "Venice Gazette"), which was printed and sold in Venice, Italy in 1566. The Venice City Handwriting News has been popular with people because of the increase in subscribers, which is easy to start selling in 1566. In the 17th century, Germany also appeared in the world's first weekly newspaper "Report or News" (1609) and the daily newspaper "Leipzig News" (founded in 1660, changed to daily newspaper in 1663). The emergence of printed newspapers has brought the spread of printed news into a new historical period. For hundreds of years, newspapers, the main form of print news, have continued to develop and have become a major component of journalism today and an important tool for news dissemination.

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