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Tarot Cards
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Since ancient times, people have had different opinions about the origin of Tarot.

One of the arguments is that it originated in Egypt. When the ancient Egyptian pharaohs encountered difficult problems, they would open the book "Roger Aier", and then all the problems would be solved. After the "living disaster" in the Egyptian library, only this book is relatively complete. In order to prevent this mysterious book from falling into the alien hand, the clergyman painted it on the card in the form of a picture and delivered it to the hand of the priest. Finally, it was brought to Europe by Alexander. The tarot cards we used were formed around the Middle Ages. The Tarot card is a wise man who painted the ancient wisdom treasures into a pattern, which is passed down. It is the crystallization of mystery and wisdom.

Of course, there are many other arguments, from the Gypsies to the legends of the Moroccan Mage and the Holy Grail, and Kabala.

Tarot is a way of presenting Tarot's thoughts and one of the tools we use Tarot's ideas for consulting and forecasting. The tarot cards form a symbolic picture in the form of symbols, which express the basic meaning of each tarot card. However, the meaning of the tarot card is not from the card, but in the original structure of Tarot. And the law.

Among Tarot, it contains the meanings and principles of a variety of Western mysteries such as astrology, alchemy, Kabbalah, spiritual mathematics, symbolic symbols, and so many subjects are organically unified in one subject. Its depth is subtle.

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