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Slapjack Card Game
- Aug 06, 2018 -

game introduction

"Scrabble" is a popular English text game in the West. For players who are not familiar with English, it is a little difficult to play this game. A reference dictionary is usually assigned before the game begins, and all vocabulary and its variants in the dictionary are accepted; however, there are no hyphens, and initial or foreign words are not counted. Variant stringing, slang or slang, outdated or ancient vocabulary, professional terms can be accepted if they meet other criteria.

Game tips

"Scrabble" is similar to the gameplay of similar games. On a 15×15 square plate, 2to4 participants spell out the vocabulary and score. Vocabulary is listed horizontally in the form of a crossword puzzle and must be included in the regular dictionary. Different letters have different scores, which are set according to the frequency of occurrence in standard written English. For example, E and O which are frequently appearing only have a value of 1 point, but Q and Z which are not commonly used have a value of 10 points. There are different colored grids on the plate, and participants can get extra points from them.

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