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PokerClassic game
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Classic game

Popular popular gameplay

First, Solitaire 

Second, arch pig

Third, Stud 

Four, 10:30

Five, twenty-one,

six, blush

Seven, Big Two ( Earth) 

Eight, Bad Jack

Nine, stalker

ten, Poker King (PK King)

Multiplayer resistance

First, the card is

two, fifty K

Third, the tractor

Fourth, Texas Hold'em

Five,Poker King (PK King)

Six, or three

Seven, hand one 

eight, Baohuang

Most popular

"Battle Landlord" is a smash-type card game played by three people (four people can also play). Each player has a "landlord" in each game, and fights against the other two players. The landlord's goal is to (out of the legal way) all the cards in the hand, and the peasant's goal is that any one of the peasants will finish all the cards before the landlord releases the cards. The landlord originated in Shiyanfang County, Hubei Province. It is said that a young man named Wu Xiuquan adapted from the popular poker game “Run Fast” has now become popular in China and popular on the Internet.

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