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Poker culture and meaning
- Dec 30, 2018 -

First, the fundamental characteristics of playing cards: The fundamental characteristics of playing cards in countries around the world can be summarized as the following five aspects:

    a. Each playing card shall consist of the number of sheets that conform to certain specifications;

    b. Each playing card should have the same standard;

    c. Each playing card should have the same reverse side;

   d. The cards on the front of each playing card are invisible on the reverse side;

   e. The four sides and four corners of the playing card have a high degree of symmetry, and the multiple playing cards face up to the unrecognizable traces in the pile of playing cards.

    Second, the card: the vast majority of playing cards are printed or made on paper.

    Third, the corner code: the current playing cards are printed with A, K, Q, J, 2, ~9, 10 and other symbols on the face of the card and ?,?,?,? One of the trick symbols, this is the playing card Corner code. But there is no corner code on the previous cards. The biggest problem with this card is that it is necessary to see the whole card to know the size of the cards. Knowing that in the future of 1870, Americans invented the corner code.

    Fourth, the card: with a specific pattern of poker, corner code and other aspects of the side.

    5. Back of the card: There is no such aspect as the pattern of the specific pattern of the poker, the corner code, etc. The fundamental feature is that each pattern has the same pattern.

    6. Card: A card that can be used independently.

    Seven, the head card: usually refers to the traditional playing card in the corner code for the letter, the card dough for the traditional characters of those cards, such as the French poker in the head card is divided into four J, Q, K. In the early stage, the poker player's first card was selected for single-person planning, and the symmetrical double bust planning is now more common.   

    8. Points cards: Usually refers to those cards whose corners are indicated by numbers in the playing cards. Usually indicated by A~10, A is the biggest card in the general poker game, followed by K, Q, J, 10~3, 2. Some 32-44 cards do not have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on.

   9, the main force: 54 cards in the four patterns of accidental two cards, divided into the king, Xiao Wang, in some areas called the big ghost, the devil; big cat, kitten; Daguai, mobs and so on. In many games, the main force is used as the main card, but the main force is not used in poker games such as bridges. In the general store, the king is often made in a colorful group, and its corner symbol is red Joker; Xiao Wang is often made of black balls, and his corners are often symbolized by black Joker. Many poker collectors at home and abroad collect the main force.

    10, general playing cards: the card is a traditional style, the card back planning is only a line. The theme-free content poker for the decoration of the pattern.

   11. Theme Poker: The front of the card is bound to be planned and printed with different drawing cards. These pictures are different from the traditional cards of traditional general playing cards.

  12, Fancy Poker: The card is a non-traditional general poker plan, and all or part of the playing cards are organized according to the theme of the cards. The customs of the preservation industry have planned the theme group or text according to the masters of 54 cards, and divided the fancy playing cards into full-fancy and half-fancy poker.

   13, personalized poker: theme poker with the main content of the individual. This type of playing card can be officially printed in poker, but it can also be an interesting collection.

  14,a complete playing card embodied in a non-planar method, stereo poker should maintain the fundamental characteristics of playing paper, such as having the same back map, 54 cards, and the front cards are not visible on the reverse side.

15, advertising poker: When a business unit may be an activity, it is customized to the poker production company with the purpose of propaganda and promotional advertising. This type of poker is generally not sold to the mall, usually in the form of gifts or prizes.

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