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playing cards Print quality flow process
- Sep 27, 2018 -

Our playing cards and game cards have to undergo 3 quality inspections in the production workshop to qualify for the factory. The casino's customized casino playing cards are more stringent. First, when printing, the printing master will take a while in the machine printing process. Will be spot check, when there is a dirty spot, it will pick out the problem, and wipe the printing cylinder to determine the elimination of dirty spots, because there is a certain amount of dust in the printing workshop, it is said to be a dust-free workshop, but there will still be dust The dust mainly comes from the paper. This is the paper factory that is sandwiched in the middle of the paper when it leaves the factory, or left in the process of paper cutting. This is the first quality inspection, the second quality inspection is after printing. When the paper is dried, there will be a special quality inspection. Each inspection will ensure that there are no dirty spots or other quality problems before entering the embossing and oiling. The third way is after the card is checked, there will be special personnel to check to ensure that there is no quality problem before the box is put, and the quality problem is picked out in the second-class product. If it is the casino playing card, we will pick it out. Then destroy, so please rest assured that our product quality, welcome to consult.Look at the picture below where the playing cards have dirty spots. The green circle is dirty, and the blue circle is the tangential mark. At that time, the card is cut along the tangential mark.playing cards.jpg

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