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playing cards manufacturer's dealing methods on playing cards
- Dec 30, 2018 -

The dealing method should be clean, that is to say, the player should be clean and neat when the card is dealt. The change of playing cards is unpredictable and cannot grasp its laws. So at the time of licensing, we have to learn how to control the playing cards, but we must decide, don’t look around, we must let the opponent or the onlookers see that you really send each one, so that others can’t find you. Cards may be evidence of other cheating.

    The dealing method should be stable. When you are licensing, no matter what you want to do next, you must calm down, calm down, and be safe. This is very important for players who have just touched the card skills. Beginners often show seriousness, irritability, etc. in the actual situation of the game, which will affect the normal function of the method and skills, and may lead to their own flaws.

    The dealing method should be familiar, the dealing skills should be skillful, and the method should be sensitive. We all know that the demand for changing cards is very fast, and the licensing is the same. The “disorder” and “fast” are the roots of dealin. With a slap in the face, as long as you are "cooked", you can easily do it with ease.

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