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Magic Cards
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Magic Cards

The special props of the magician's performance are not much different from the ordinary playing cards in terms of color and structurer.

Many magic lovers like the magic of playing cards, and I am also crazy.

I won't talk much about poker for close-up magic. I believe everyone should have their own experience.

There are many categories of stage poker magic, and stage is one of them. But there is very little knowledge about it.

Today, I will write some of my own experiences and share them with you.

Selection of poker cards

The general choice for the stage is to use the American BEE card (the bee card).

The feel and softness should be better than the single license plate.

The license plate is hard and the cards are okay. If you have more hands, you may not be able to eat it.

If you practice for a long time, you will hurt your hand. Therefore, it is more suitable for close-up magic.

The color of the back of the card is also very important, and many people will easily ignore it.

I don't know if you have found that when you practice your cards, you always feel that your fingers will leak out of your back.

Especially the side of the card that the finger grips. In fact, this should not be missed.

If you have it, you should pay attention to its color. Try to use some color to close the poker back of the hand color.

Foreign countries have bought poker for the cards. The color and the color of the hand are basically close.

Domestic poker is even more varied, be careful to pick your eyes.

The main thing is not to contrast the color of the back of the card with the color of your hand.

I like red back and blue back cards, I will choose red back.

Generally speaking, the integration of the lights on the stage, together with the distance of the stage, will not be seen by the audience.

The size of the poker on the back is generally based on the size of your hand.

Many friends are afraid to use big poker because of their small hands. Actually not necessarily.

It's indifferent to have a few cards in the back. If the number is too much, you will find that small poker fingers are not good to hold.

It is easy to clip and it is easy to drop, because the card is thicker. The elasticity has also increased.

At this time you can try the big one poker (single license plate size).

Because his width may be more suitable for your fingers to grip it. Can be clamped before you can practice,

The poker used in the stage is based on the method.

If you fly with your thumb (ie, use your fingers to catch the ball and fly the ball with your thumb).

It is recommended to use paper stiff and smooth poker. It will be very enjoyable and smooth.

The side of the poker should also be too rough to easily hurt your fingers when the card flies out.

If you use the middle finger to fly (it is to be hidden in the palm of your hand, use a few fingers in the middle to fly the poker - the commonly used technique of the domestic stage card flying card).

Poker advice

Because paper poker is easily bent and deformed under the squeeze of the palm of the hand. And will not recover immediately.

And affect the route of the poker bomb. The effect is a mess.

Therefore, it is recommended to use plastic poker. Plastic poker will not be deformed due to the bending of the palm of your hand.

Its own flexibility allows it to flash in front of the audience as soon as your finger picks it up.

Straight poker is straight and accurate when flying. And the thickness of plastic poker is generally thinner than ordinary cards.

A pair of plastic poker is equivalent to two-thirds of ordinary cards. This will increase the number of cards in the palm of your hand. It will be better to perform.

Unfortunately, plastic poker is rarely available on the market. You can go to some wholesale markets to ask, maybe there will be gains.

Many poker vendors have not produced plastic poker, but you can also ask about it, maybe there will be backlog of inventory.

In short, it is necessary to find a suitable playing card.

Handy poker cards will make your practice more like a duck.

So the suggestion is to find more different cards to try, the right size and feel comfortable is the most important.

Domestic poker has different specifications. There will be many differences in the poker quality of the same brand.

The benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom. Try a lot and you will find the most suitable poker.

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