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Lie detector: Wanmu today help game cards
- Dec 05, 2018 -

In 2014, I played a Japanese-style AVG reasoning mobile game "Millions Today Help", which is characterized by "expression recognition." The game plays from the beginning to the end, like a fun neurology course.

The male lord is a detective with a very high value and a high IQ. He accepts the commission of the woman and investigates a seemingly simple divorce case. The male master judges the true and false of the sentence by interpreting the expression and breathing of the person, and then reasoning the whole event. The game narrative takes a two-line structure. In addition to investigating divorce cases, you have to assist the police to interrogate the prisoners from time to time to find out the truth about a car accident.

From time to time, the author will jump out of the basic common sense of your science's "expression recognition", just like the author of "Slam Dunk" in the science of basketball. There are more chapters in the game, and the science of knowledge is also gradual. The main line of reasoning for the game is always clear, and the player will not get bored with science.

The AVG of "Million Eyes Today" actually involves some topics related to "gamification", which I will mention below.

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