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How to solve the problem of printing plate and printing
- Nov 03, 2018 -

Everyone knows that the phenomenon of plugging is related to inks and equipment. There are many ways to do this. From the printing machine production site, the following problems are found:

1. After the printing machine is produced, the printing plate is basically not wiped clean: the printing plate will not remain in the gap of the printing plate if it is not wiped clean, and the paste plate or the plate plate phenomenon will appear if the printing pressure is slightly larger in the next printing;

2, the printing machine equipment is very poorly cleaned: equipment cleaning is very important, the equipment is vibrating during the production process, when the equipment is dusty, the equipment vibrates dust into the printing system, or in the ink or falls into the printing On the plate, this will cause printing paste and plate;

3. The printed dust bag is bad: the function of the dust bag is to collect the dust of the paper. If it is broken, a lot of dust will appear in the whole printing, which is the same as the cleaning of the printing machine;

4, the printing machine uses ink without filtration: there will be particles in the ink, if there are more ink particles, then there will be a phenomenon of plugging, which leads to printing paste;

5, printing machine personnel operating plate pressure and printing pressure are too large: pressure directly affects product quality, this everyone knows, it is not emphasized.

If the problem is found out, then let's improve it together:

1. After the printing machine is finished, the printing brush must be brushed once, and then wiped dry with a rag. Focus on checking the fine characters and the dots for residual ink, and the edges of the ribbon must be wiped clean, and no ink accumulation is allowed. ;

2. Shut down the cleaning equipment, and then make provisions for cleaning the equipment every day. Every day, cleaning is done, so the equipment is very dusty;

3. Repair the dust bag;

4. When the ink is used, it must be filtered before the machine is installed, and an ink filter is installed on the ink tank. The ink is also continuously filtered in the cycle, thus ensuring the quality of the ink;

5. Train the operators on the knowledge and strictly control the pressure.

The plug-in version and the printing paste are not only a problem of printing pressure and ink transfer, but also a systematic problem involving a wide range of aspects. This is just a talk about printing, equipment maintenance, personnel, etc. There are other ways to solve such problems, each part needs to be observed and executed in place.

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