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how to shuffle cards in playing card games
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Playing card games, the real card players will master some superb game skills. And there is a common shuffling skill of playing cards. This shuffling skill can adjust the order of playing cards by shuffling, thus controlling the whole card game.

Manipulation steps:
(1) The right thumb and other four fingers are stuck at both ends of a deck of cards. When your left hand reaches over. Press your thumb on the right side of the card, hook up a stack of cards (about one third), and prepare the other four fingers for the card.
(2) Separate your hands from each other, and then grab a part of the card with your left thumb and fall into the palm of your hand.
(3) Repeat the first step again. This time, the left thumb brings one-half of the right hand.
(4) Finally, the remaining cards on the right hand are quickly moved to the left hand, and all the actions of hand shuffling are completed.
In practice, the four steps mentioned above can be divided into more detailed steps. That is to say, the left hand only shuffles a few cards at a time, so it has to be repeated many times before a deck of cards can be shuffled. Practice makes perfect. Practice should be done more often until you are satisfied with your actions. Once you are familiar with this shuffling method, you can easily control the top or bottom cards of a deck and change it from one end to the other. You can also shuffle cards face up. This shuffling method is also practiced several times. You will find that hand shuffling completely reverses the original sequence.
Generally speaking, the more people have more chances to touch the cards, the easier it is to get out of the dealer. Poker shuffling is the easiest skill for beginners to master, but it can play a decisive role in controlling the overall situation, if you are in the right position.

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