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How to design playing card to be more creative
- Jan 02, 2019 -

The ultimate goal of creativity is for the consumer, if there is no benefit to the consumer, then it is not creative, so is the design of the poker card. The topic of how to make poker cards more creative is the topic we are talking about today:

Summer Palace playing cards

1. From the shape, we can't turn it into a triangle or a pentagon shape, so that it is out of the essence of playing cards. On the contrary, if it is learning cards, it may be a creative starting point;


2. In terms of materials, traditional playing cards are paper. Can we use other materials such as plastic materials? This not only preserves the entertainment essence of playing cards, but also gives them more value, such as: collection, durability, etc.;


3, from the appearance, compared to the traditional playing cards, we have retained the digital pattern, but changed the character graphics, which is today's advertising playing cards, we can print the corporate brand, products, etc. to the playing cards, let the consumption In the process of playing entertainment, we have learned about our brand or product, which not only brings a fresh sense to the users, but also brings a brand transmission path to the brand.


Therefore, more and more companies choose to customize their playing cards and use their creative designs to spread out with their playing cards. It is better to say that the advertising on the playing cards is creative, and the playing cards are just a carrier.

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