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Automatic playing cards shufflers
- Dec 30, 2018 -

Poker is a popular entertainment project. It is popular because of its variety of gameplay, but it is very troublesome to reshuffle every time a card is played. And artificial shuffling is easy to cheat, resulting in unfair competition. Therefore, a poker automatic dealer is invented to meet the needs of people's entertainment. With the development of various entertainment products, shuffling machines for various entertainment products have also appeared one after another. The general shuffling machine is made of plastic and also has a metal and wooden shuffling machine.

The shuffling machine was initially used in various large casinos and entertainment venues around the world, because there are many people in these places, and it is very troublesome to manually deal with licensing and shuffling. And the shuffling machine is a high-tech product that is rarely used. However, with the development of technology and the maturity of technology, the current reshuffle has become very popular, ranging from various entertainment venues to personal entertainment.

The automatic cards shuffling machine belongs to the technical field of entertainment equipment, and has a left and right card box, an intermediate card box and a control module. The upper and lower cards are arranged on the partition between the middle card box and the left and right card boxes. There is a tray in the middle card box. The card holder is mounted on the lifting mechanism. The bottom of the left and right cards is equipped with a friction plaque mechanism. The left and right card boxes are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the middle card box. The lower pass is located at the junction of the left and right cards and the partition. The bracket is equipped with a friction plaque mechanism, the inner bottom of the left and right cards, the upper surface of the pallet and the side of the pallet. With the sensor, the sensor on the side of the card holder corresponds to the three sensing points arranged in the vertical direction on the side of the middle card box. The utility model does not have the phenomenon of listing and card in the process of shuffling, and the operation is stable and reliable, and the number of times of continuous reshuffle can be set as needed.

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