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How to avoid paper wrinkling in playing cards printing
- Dec 30, 2018 -

1 Strictly control the temperature and humidity of the workshop

    Under normal circumstances, the paper needs to be placed in the paper library for a while after entering the factory. The paper should be placed in the workshop 3 to 4 days before printing, and the temperature and humidity of the workshop should be strictly controlled. The temperature should be controlled at 20-25 °C, and the humidity should be controlled at 50%-60%.


    2. With the printing with paper

     The uneven water content of the paper during the printing process causes the paper to wrinkle around, which affects the printing registration or causes inconsistent rules and delays the completion of the production task. In order to avoid this phenomenon as much as possible, the measures of not cutting paper in advance and cutting with the printing were adopted to avoid the phenomenon that the paper was tightly blown by the wind. If the paper has been tightly edged, the degree of wrinkling can be reduced by knocking the paper at the mouth of the paper.


    3. Adjust the tightness of the paper feeding belt and the pressure roller

    Since the paper moves forward under the action of the paper feeding belt and the pressure roller, the tightness of the paper feeding belt and the pressure roller affects the flatness of the paper, and the paper enters the oscillator only in a flat state, so as to maximize the paper. Reduce the occurrence of wrinkling of the paper, so adjust the tightness of the paper feeding belt and the pressure roller correctly.


    4. Adjust the oscillator pad

    The oscillating pad will not be flat due to wear, and the oscillating tooth will cause local unevenness of the paper when it is creased. When the paper is transferred to the impression cylinder, the unevenness of the paper is likely to occur at the fixed point wrinkles under the pressure of the blanket cylinder. Therefore, the machine personnel should always check whether the pads of the press oscillator are flat.


    5. Adjust the impression roller row

    When the printing machine is used for a long time, the dent of the impression cylinder may have unevenness of the crepe paper. Under the pressure, the paper may have irregular pleats at the tip. To solve this problem, replace the cavities of the impression cylinder row and adjust the tension of the rows to make them consistent.


    6. Adjust the printing pressure

    During the operation of the printing press, when paper wrinkling occurs, the printing pressure should be minimized to reduce the wrinkling of the paper.

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