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End of the year when the finger is stained with ink
- Dec 03, 2018 -

According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, Malaysia’s oldest English-language newspaper, Malay Post, was officially fully digitalized on the 1st, bidding farewell to the 122-year-old print edition.

According to reports, the Malay Post officially pressed the stop button for the printing version at 9:15 pm on the 1st. In order to commemorate this historic but sad moment, the newspaper published the final day of the print edition in a commemorative edition and published an article entitled "Stop the Press. Full Stop."

The article said: "I hope readers can buy one today. Review with us our reports on the first political party rotation in the British colonial period, the Second World War, the state of emergency and witnessing 61 years, and the birth of 'New Malaysia'. ”

The article emotionally pointed out to readers who love the physical newspaper that the era of finger-stained ink when reading the Malay Post has ended. “This is a sentimental farewell to many of our journalists who have started their careers in newspapers.”

The article pointed out that the reader's reading mode has been transferred from the traditional printing version to computers, mobile phones and tablets, so the newspaper chose to turn to digital development. “The Malay Post decided in 2013 to invest in online news operations to cater to the habits of the wider community.

The article concludes that the Malay Post is not exhausted, because the printed version is only a traditional medium for conveying news. The medium for reading news today is the Internet, which is the current focus of the newspaper.

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