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Educational Flash Cards
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Du Mann Flash Card is a successful educational method developed by internationally renowned right brain potential development experts such as Du Man and Qi Tian Zhen. It uses flashing techniques to quickly convey information to the baby to stimulate the brain-related neural pathways of the child. Through learning, the child is fast. Improve the following abilities: improve savvy and business, develop good learning ability, exercise super-perceived ability, have unique creativity, activate brain cells, improve brain real imagination, fast computing ability, fast memory ability, activate eye stick Cells and cone cells, training visual impact, enhance photographic memory.

Infants and young children aged 0-6 years are the key period for human growth. As scientific research progresses, research reveals that the return on early childhood education is higher than the return on children's entry into basic education. Infants learning mathematics and reading are part of the development of children's brain potential. Reading is the innate physiological function of the brain. It is to strengthen children's brain function through visual training. It is an important part of the brain development process of infants and young children. Long-term research by the Philadelphia Human Potential Development Institute in the United States shows that infants and young children not only learn mathematics, literacy and reading, but also like learning. However, because people have not realized that reading is a brain development requirement for infants and young children, it is impossible to provide infants with opportunities and conditions for literacy and reading in time, so that the development of brain visual pathways in infants and young children may be later than expected. .

Studies have also shown that Du Mann mathematics can also be used as a language for children to read. It should be noted that "reading" (seeing) is through visual intake rather than "reading." The "reading" that we usually mention refers to the multi-finger, which is the function of language expression.

The development of the brain is not equal. Our brain has many functions. These functions are not mature at the same time. Our "reading" and "listening" are the abilities from the moment of birth, and the ability to speak in the brain The later stages of development will only occur, so it is possible and necessary to train children's "reading" before they have the ability to "read".

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