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Customized playing card Hot stamping process application
- Jan 02, 2019 -

 Such as  Hot stamping process on playing cards:


1. Hot stamping process: As the name implies, there is a layer of bronzing on the surface of the playing card, such a playing card can quickly upgrade its grade;

2. Scope of application: The playing cards using this bronzing process are generally applicable to the customization of gift poker and the customization of advertising cards in the jewelry gold industry;

3, customization costs: Obviously, custom-made poker cards will have a certain increase in material processing costs or production and processing costs, and in terms of bronzing process, the cost will increase compared to other processes;

Customized poker features:

1. The interaction of playing cards: The special interactive feature of playing cards makes the information of customized playing cards more exposed by more people;

2, the freshness of playing cards: traditional poker cards are the same, the personalized design of customized poker cards, quickly give the audience a sense of freshness, so as to quickly establish a brand or product awareness with the audience.

3, the timeliness of playing cards: the use of playing cards is frequent, which leads to a certain service life, but as long as the playing cards are not wrinkled, they will not be discarded;

So, in summary, the use of bronzing custom-made playing cards can create cognitive connections faster and better with the audience, whether it is the customization of gift cards or the customization of advertising cards in the gold and jewelry industry.

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