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Conversational science books, surprise game cards, knowledge is so interesting!
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Xiaoxiang Science and the joint publishing house have cooperated for a long time, and it took 1 year and 6 months to build the first "conversational" science education series in the whole network. At the same time, it is also recommended by the Beijing Science and Technology Association for "Children's Science".

Learning from the US K-12 science education system, using scene-based learning, scientists can directly talk to children and enlighten children's scientific outlook.

Highlights of the series

1. A strong editorial team guarantees the professionalism of popular science content. This series of books is edited by the brand "Little Elephant Science", which is dedicated to domestic science education. The authors are outstanding young scientists from top universities in China and abroad.

2. The external audit team consists of experts from various fields such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Union Hospital:

(names not listed in order)

Ouyang Ziyuan

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Senior Advisor of the National Astronomical Observatory

Wang Yuan

Director of the Chinese Ancient Animal Museum

Yan Lijun

National Observatory Researcher, “Youth Thousand Talents Program” selected

3. 4 large sections to comprehensively develop children's scientific literacy.


Science Classroom: Cultivating Scientific Thinking Ability


Knowledge combing: learning methods that summarize and summarize


Scientists answer: understand the connection between science and life, and cultivate the ability to ask questions


Scientific interaction: experience the joy of learning

4. Boutique content verified by tens of thousands of listeners. The audio-based course received tens of thousands of listeners, the children listened interestingly, and the parents listened with confidence.

5. Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations help to understand scientific knowledge. Each lesson has 3-5 hand-drawn illustrations that help to understand the scientific knowledge and enhance the fun of the book.

6. The relevant knowledge card after the book. The book consists of four volumes and 120 knowledge cards, which can be used for interaction and as a game card.

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