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Casino Poker Cards
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Poker games are often associated with gambling, so the casino is one of the most suitable places to go.

As the most rigorous place to manage, the poker cards used in casinos also have their own characteristics and rules. First of all, the cards used in general casinos are mostly wide cards, and the quality of the cards is very good, whether it is paper or printing. Due to the slight wear and tear of the cards, the grades may be utilized. Second, the back of the casino playing cards generally use a single color, the back image is mostly full, no white edges, the lines are simple but fine, and the eyes are counted. Third, the average casino will strictly control its playing cards, and it is generally difficult to have a new casino poker outflow. Even old cards that have been used will not be let go and will generally be processed. Common treatment methods include: chamfering, breaking, punching, and smearing. Some old cards will be processed in N ways, and some will even be cut off by 2 sides, turning the original rounded poker into a right angle. Extremely cruel. The most horrifying thing is that these old cards that have been persecuted will be repackaged by the casino and sold as souvenirs.

Casino playing cards are a special item in the poker collection. It is common for a pair of well-punched, well-numbered, and long-lasting punch cards to be sold for dozens and hundreds of dollars.

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