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Children Learning Cards

Product specifications: 52 word cards Product size: 132 × 152 × 295 mm Suitable age: 3 years old or older

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Cognitive card is an early education card for infants and young children to recognize and recognize words in clothing, food, housing, etc., and has the role of enlightenment education. According to the size of the card, it can be divided into big card and small card. According to the packaging method, it is divided into boxed card, double-coil card book, etc. According to the content, there are poetry card, car card, animal card, fruit card, safety identification card and vegetables. Cards, food cards, flowers and trees cards, etc.

learning cards

Early education is the enlightenment stage of a child's life and plays an important role in the development of a child's life. A research institute has conducted special research on early childhood education and found that 0 to 3 years old is the most rapid stage of brain development. At this time, the child's brain development is equivalent to two-thirds of adulthood, visual and tactile. A sensitive period is ushered in. During the sensitive period, the stimulation of the external environment is very important for the development of the child. Mothers are paying more and more attention to the early education of the babies. In order to give the baby the best solid foundation for the future, many young parents have chosen a wide-ranging early education card with a wide range of cognitive effects and relatively low cost. In the sensitive period of the baby 0~3 years old, give the baby a lasting and stable stimulation, and guide the baby to grow rapidly towards a benign track.

Game cards

Can word learning still be learned like this?

Cute image vivid pattern

Rainbow-like color matching

Do word games with mom and dad

The eyes turned a little, and the little brain jumped out of the phrase.

Can the original words still learn like this?

Why choose a word card?

0-3 years old baby

The brain is in a period of rapid development

Word cards can promote children's brain-wide thinking

Let the child trigger thinking.

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