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League Of Legends Card Game

This is a League of Legends show game card with all the heroes, as well as a brief introduction of each hero, including 180 game cards, including 30 collection cards and 120 hero stickers, and 1 crystal card. It is a very popular game card.

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Product Details

Product Details:


League   Of Legends Card Game

Place of Origin:

Yiwu China

Brand Name:



EN71,   SGS, ITS, CE



Materials for cards:

280gsm Chinese bluecore paper or greycore paper

300gsm, 350gsm or 400gsm art paper, also called C2S

310gsm or 410gsm German blackcore paper

0.25mm or 0.32mm thickness PVC


Surface finishing:

Cards: Double side glossy or matte varnishing or UV coating
Box: glossy or matte varnishing, single side glossy pp lamination or matte pp lamination


Special surface finish:

Cards: spot UV, spot gold or silver foil, laser, gold or silver edge or linen
Box: spot UV, spot gold or silver foil, linen or embossed



CMYK 4 color or PMS offset printing, UV printing or silk screen


Card size:

63x88mm poker size or 2.5 x3.5 inch
57x87mm bridge size or 2.25 x 3.425 inch
IOr customized size as your requirements


Cards each deck: 52-55 cards or as your request 



1. Glossy or Matt Varnish
2. Linen Finish
3. Plastic Coated Finish
4. Matte Lamination Finish
5. UV Coated Finish (High Glossy)
6. Gold/Sliver Hot Stamp

Packaging Options:


Custom design tuckbox box or cardboard box
Delivery Packing: Tuck box individually cello-wrap with a clear pull-string


League Of Legends Card Game

League Of Legends Card Games

The introduction of League of Legends

League of Legends is a 3D multiplayer online battle arena game that takes a third-person perspective. The game currently has three regular game modes, Summoner Canyon, Cry Abyss and Twisted Jungle, which previously had a Crystal Trace mode that has now been removed. Players will collaborate with each other in the game and compete with each other's team. The goal of the game is usually to destroy the team's main base "Crystal Hub", each game takes about 25 to 55 minutes. In the Summoner's Canyon game, players can initiate early surrenders during the game time of 15 to 20 minutes. The team must agree to reach the surrender agreement. After 20 minutes, they can initiate a surrender. As long as more than 70% of the players surrender, they can pass. The surrendered team will immediately lose the game.

In a variety of game modes, players will control a "hero" character in a freely chosen or distributed manner, each with its own unique abilities. At the beginning of each game, the hero's level is 1, and will be upgraded with the experience points, and finally reach level 18. When you upgrade the level, the player can unlock the hero's skills and thus expand the way each hero is used. Players can also use the money in the game to buy props, make the hero stronger, kill the other hero or help the friendly hero. Players can acquire gold coins by killing non-player characters known as creeps and wild monsters and heroes who kill enemy teams. They can also be obtained by destroying enemy buildings and naturally as the game passes. The items purchased by the player are only applicable to the game and will not be used until the next game. Therefore, the ability of all the players to control the heroes at the beginning of each new game is basically equal.

After each game, the player can also get personal rewards, such as experience value, blue powder or the hero's specialization score. If one of his or her teammates gets a S- or more record, if the hero is If you haven't had a treasure chest in the season, you will get a treasure chest. These values will be used for the player's account, not the hero. The player's account starts at level 1, and there is no upper limit for the highest level (30 before the 2018 season). High-level players can unlock some new features, such as the ability to use in the battle, "Summoner Skills" (30 can be used in all, and can be used), trophy system (7, etc. open, open to the player sea X-Tech treasure chest + key one) and 30, 50, 75, etc. can be used to obtain a higher-level collection cans (with corresponding level of expression). The level of the player is not the same as the level of the hero. For example, the player of level 30 and the player of level 5, the hero at the beginning of the game is level 1.

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