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Custom Humanity Hates Trump Cards Game

Making American Party Games Great Again.

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Size:poker size, 63*88mm,111 cards one deck
paper:290 gms high quality blue core paper

The official expansion to Humanity Hates Trump!

Works with Cards Against Humanity M* and other

similar party games

Includes: 80 White Cards, 30 Black prds and

1 Ultimate Trump Card!

"This set is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Donald Trump himself or

Cards against Humanity LLC.


The origin:

The game is styled and compatible with the popular Cards Against Humanity game,but is in no way affiliated with it.

"Add some comic relief to the election with Humanity Hates Trump… Cards Against Everybody," wrote Howard Greenspan on the Kickstarter page. "This hilarious game puts a satirical spin on politics, adding humor to the circus that is the 2016 presidential race."

The game requires multiple people to play. One player chooses a black card and all other players submit a white card in their hands. The drawer of the black card gets to decide who wins the round. The exception is if someone puts down one of two Ultimate Trump Cards, which results in an automatic victory for the round.

Often the player who draws the black card will pick the round winner based on a humorous combination. Humanity Hates Trump has a theme based around making fun of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Humanity Hates Trump comes in a base set with 250 cards. There is an unofficial expansion pack with 100 cards. Greenspan wrote:

We are building something huge. It's gonna be REAL HUGE. No, really. A lot of people come up to me and say, How Huge? And I tell them. I say just picture huge. And then double that. What we're building is going to trump everything and make American party games great again… Tuning into the Republican Debates with Donald Trump front and center often feels like watching a Comedy Central ™ Roast. It's time to take roasting to the next level with Humanity Hates Trump ...Cards Against Everybody!


The Rule:

Each player is dealt 7 white cards, each including a word or phrase. Each round, players take turns serving as the judge, drawing one black card containing a question or fill in the blank sentence.

Players answer the question or fill in the blank sentence by choosing their favorite white card to fill it in. Each player takes turns judging, choosing their favorite option and the funniest answer wins the round.

humanity hates trump

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