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Chinese Learning Cards

This is a Chinese learning card. The cards in it use a hoop to form a group of cards. They are mainly used for enlightenment education. They learn Chinese for children aged 6 or older, or non-native Chinese speakers who want to learn Chinese abroad. Easy to carry, there are pinyin on the front...

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Let young children literate and improve their reading ability, and the society is now popular. Learning materials such as “Thousand Characters” and “Daily Cross” can be described as different. During the summer vacation, my class also carried out literacy teaching. I tried several different methods from the traditional practice. I now come up with a discussion of the word-to-word.

In Chinese, a word often has multiple meanings, and a sound can also represent different Chinese characters. This is a common one-word polysemy and homophone phenomenon. When learning a word, a variety of meanings can easily confuse young children, and it is easy for young children to confuse some homophones, such as "ten", children will be confused with "stone", "food" when they are orally grouped. . With word expressions, this situation can be prevented or reduced, because the meaning range of words is relatively narrow, the pronunciation is relatively stable, and it is easy for children to understand memory.

Children Cards

A:Start with children's interests, classify learning vocabulary

Young children are generally interested in words that can be intuitively perceived, such as nouns and verbs. The nouns can be divided into animal names, names of various parts of the body, color names, character names, etc. Animal names can be further divided into sea travel, flying in the sky, running on the ground, and so on. When you are learning, decide with your child which class to learn, and then decide what to learn. For example, after everyone decided to learn the name of the animal in the sea, the child: "Children want to know the name of the animal in the sea first?" The child answered: "Starfish." The teacher led the child to know the word starfish. In this way, young children will be more motivated to learn the words they are interested in. In the process of learning, they also naturally carry out classification exercises.

B: According to the characteristics of young children, the teaching method with childlikeness is adopted.

Game cards

Some teachers in the literacy teaching, in order to let the children remember, it is generally repeated for children to read - "Please read this word five times! Each person read this word again.

In such an uninteresting atmosphere, some children even took a nap. In fact, we can make young children happy and literate through some games that combine dynamics and statics. If you know the name of an animal, first lead the child to observe, recognize the type, practice the pronunciation, and then ask the child to learn the movements, screams, etc. of the animal; when practicing, you can ask a child to do the animal-like movement, please A young child identifies the name of the animal being imitated and reads it out.

Children Game Cards

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